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1 Forum rules on 22/2/2014, 00:23


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These rules are for the forum so please follow them.

1. Search the forum before creating a new thread! There's a chance that there is already an on-going discussion of the same topic.

2. Do not PM a staff member numerous times regarding the same subject. This will not result in a faster reply. Staff members will reply to your message as soon as they possibly can.

3. Do not post offensive, abusive, obscene, hateful, discriminating, or harmful content.

4. Do not post excessive swear words on any public page.

5. Follow basic NETIQUETTE rules. For example, do not post content in ALL CAPS as that is considered yelling.

6. Never, under any circumstances, post personally identifiable information. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures, addresses, full names, phone numbers, or credit cards that can be used to identify a person or persons. Content of this nature is extremely sensitive, and the posting of it will result in an immediate ban of the user responsible.

7. Personal attacks such as instigating, verbal abuse, mocking, or sexist remarks of members in posts are not tolerated. Such content will be removed by a staff member.

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